Superordinary dairy-free butter to awaken your inner chef

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butter is

Croissants. Popcorn. Pie. These classics all use butter. Lots of it. The world’s most popular fat has been around for 10,000 years. Fast forward to 2018: We have billions of people to feed, and producing butter at this scale is bad for our planet.

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...And margarine is toast

Look, margarine is the best alternative we’ve got – and it’s not cutting it. Everyone knows this. It doesn't taste like butter and doesn't act like butter. Pass.

we can
do better

So, we're on a quest to unlock the magic of butter: the fat, the texture, the melt inside your mouth. The result is FabaButter: the first ever chef-approved dairy-free butter. Michelin-starred titans use it, and now you can too.

Hot off
the Press

By Far the Best Butter on the Market. We all Agreed

— Ravi DeRossi - Famed NYC Restaurateur
[Avant Garden, Ladybird]

Absolutely love what you guys are doing. Really impressive stuff.

— Scott Winegard - Executive Chef
[Matthew Kenney Cuisine]

The best vegan butter I’ve ever tried

— Brad Farmerie - Michelin-starred NYC Restaurateur
[Saxon+Parole, Prev. Public]

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Aidan Altman

Andrew McClure

Who We Are

Born and raised in Michigan, Aidan and Andrew have been pals for years. Reared on sugary cereal, cheeseburgers, and chocolate milk, they were just like any nineties kid. But how the world of food has changed... So they decided to join forces and their compassion for the planet to launch Fora in NYC in the fall of 2017.

Their mission is to move toward a more sustainable plant-based food system. And they’re doing it by reinventing dairy food through plants.



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